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The idea of Drewes Bros began with the brothers living in Milwaukee. They were butchers working in a meat shop since their early teens. They decided to buy 3 piglets and took care of it — growing and multiplying it for selling in the market. In time, they were able to create their own pig farm, built a slaughterhouse, and established their own meat shop. Drewes Bros is just like any other business, it started from only a wish and became a reality but also went through ups and downs. Things became rough in their business, they almost lost Drewes Bros when a contagious disease affected their animals. However, they managed to keep the business alive with the help of their family and loyal customers.

At Drewes Bros, we pride ourselves in providing our dear customers in Milwaukee with fresh and safe meats. We guarantee that our products undergo thorough health inspection and experts supervise the health and nutrition of our animals. We also make sure that we have professional veterinarians and staff who always provide high-quality feed and oversees the running of our farm. From our farms, animals are slaughtered daily in our slaughterhouse which is accredited by the National Meat Inspection Service.

At Drewes Bros, we follow a strict quality control process in this business, our expert personnel always strive to do a thorough inspection to the entire process to prevent meat contamination during slaughtering, dressing, deboning. cutting, and further processing. After the thorough processing and preparation, our meat products are then delivered to our own meat shop, wet market and grocery stores throughout the city and nearby areas. With our system in handling our meat, we ensure that you get only the freshest and safest meats.

Drewes Bros offers fresh cut meat from the farm every day, a homemade
meat processed food that is guaranteed to have no preservatives which are more convenient for those who are always busy and with little time to cook. We also have recipes which you can use for your everyday cooking.

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