Have you ever known the benefits of having a slice of fresh meat, cooked and served for your family? If not, then continue to read our blog and we will give some facts that you need to know why you should choose only the freshest meats from Drewes Bros.

Drewes Bros is proud to be the only meat shop and meat farm that provides meat every day right to your doorstep. Everything we do, we do it with pride and the most important accomplishment in our years of business is being careful of what we are serving to you. We used to only be a meat farm but later on, we also established a meat shop and we store our meats in frozen storage with a customized garage door in Milwaukee. But we realized that frozen meat is not good for the health so we changed the processing of our meats. We have done a lot of research and asked for help from the experts to rightfully correct our doings in our business. Now, we have the business that we can truly be proud of.

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The first thing that will affect the meat when it is frozen is the taste. The flavor will lessen because of the amount of ice crystals that are created inside the cells of the meat. And no matter the temperature of freezing the meat, it will create crystals that will ruin the texture and the taste of it. Our meat is never frozen. From the farm to the slaughterhouse, our meat goes straight to our meat shop and to the market of the entire Milwaukee and nearby areas. Our beefsteak chops, chicken, lamb, roast poultry, pork baskets packages are being delivered to your home as fast as we can if you order online.

The reason for freezing the meat is to extend its shelf life and this is what most companies do to their meat products. That is why Drewes Bros is unique and much better than the competition because we are not after profit. More importantly, we care about the quality of our meats and we also care about the health of our customers. At Drewes Bros, we have done everything to have to keep our meat fresh. We only slaughter limited quantities. When it comes to our processed food, we do not use any preservatives. We pick perfectly even meat fat and age to ensure the freshness and tenderness of the meat.

We have various kinds of meat such as poultry, lamb, beef, pork. We also have a variety of seafood and eggs. You can visit our meat shop or order online, buy from the internet for delivery via overnight fast shipping. Another option is to go to your nearest market and buy from there.

To give you fresh and healthy meat to add to your protein diet is what we always strive to do. From the moment you place your order, we will immediately work on the cutting and packing process and deliver it to your door or serve it to you from your favorite meat shop.

FRESHEST MEAT FROM DREWES BROS | DREWES BROS | poultry, lamb, beef, pork

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