Hear what our satisfied customers say about us and our products:

Chef Rey —

For almost a decade now we are ordering all types of meat from Drewes Bros. We’ve started our business serving fresh quality ingredients to the locals and tourists in Milwaukee.

So if you want to sample the most heavenly recipes in Milwaukee, go to our restaurant. Our meat is from the farm of Drewes Bros to ensure that we only serve fresh quality meat. This is our best-kept secret in our ingredients, that’s why we are recognized for having the freshest and tastiest menu in town. Thanks to Dewes Bros for providing us with all the meat we need in our restaurant. Having the best recipe will begin with choosing the right meat products. And we are glad to have found the perfect meats from them. So why did we choose Drewes Bros? The answer is simple, our restaurant always wants quality. Only Drewes Bros delivers meats that are clean, thoroughly inspected, well-presented, and feature a variety of cuts for every recipe.

Mary —

At home, I always want to serve fresh quality food for my family. Even when we have to get together in our house or do a potluck party in the neighborhood, quality products and ingredients come first in my mind. And when you say fresh and quality, Drewes Bros is the #1 supplier. They have all the different variety of white and red meat, seafood, and eggs. I always order via phone call and in half an hour, my orders arrive, always on time. Being a mother of three and a wife of a great man, I want to repay them with love and care through my cooking. Thanks to Drewes Bros for providing the freshest and highest quality meat for the people of Milwaukee.

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